UK Garages for rent

    To help solve your parking and storage needs

    Rental garages can be located absolutely anywhere from outside someone’s house to in a bank of garages near council owed housing to an industrial estate, it depends on who you rent the garage from.

    Where ever you find a garage, it’s important to ensure you get a contract which outlines the terms of the contract and protects you against every eventuality.

    The price of rental garages varies greatly depending on which region you live in and who you are renting a garage from. Garages rented from commercial firms and private individuals can vary from £50 per month to over £350 per month. Garages rented from the council are much cheaper and vary per council but they are usually in the region of £20 to £50 per month.

    There are various ways to find a garage which you can rent. Firstly, talk to your friends and close family members, along with your colleagues. It may be that one of them has a spare garage which they rent out or knows of someone who does.

    You can also look on the internet. By doing a simple search for ‘garages to rent’ you will find various websites containing details and contact information. These may be commercial rental firms who have a website, adverts posted by private individuals or portal sites which list additional places to look and other useful information to help you in your search. is a leading portal in the UK as well as More information can be found on MoneySavingExpert.

    Have a look in your local telephone directory. Many commercial firms will have listings and adverts for their rentals.

    As mentioned previously, contact your local council for information about garages that they own and whether or not a waiting list is in operation. They may also be able to give you an indication of the approximate length of the list and waiting time.

    Finally, have a look at the classified adverts in your local newspaper. Private individuals are likely to advertise here as it’s quite cheap to do so and often has a large local readership.

    There are three main options of who to rent a garage from. The first is your local council. Check out their website and you will find information on the location and cost for renting a garage in your area, along with contact information. You need to bear in mind that council garages are often highly sought after so you may have to be added to a waiting list.

    Commercial firms also rent out garages. You will be able to find contact details in your local phone book or online.

    Finally, you can also rent a garage from a private individual. These are people who may own a garage that they don’t currently use and therefore rent it out as a way of making additional income.

    Before you embark on the epic task of finding a garage, you need to think about why you need to rent a garage in the first place. Do you need somewhere to park the car near your home? Or do you need a secure place to park while you’re at work? Or does parking have nothing to do with it and you need a garage to store some items or undertake a certain task?

    Whatever the reason behind needing a garage to rent, there are a number of different places that you can find a garage to rent.